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Zi introduces the artistic mystique simplified. The soul element of painting with no frame is the PICTURE. Do not need to be framed with protective glass,so the image can be seen clearly without bothersome glare.  Giclee MDF art looks exquisite elegant  & with perfect detail. The museum quality finish gives the prestige of a serious fine art collector. 

 Like Music artwork is often subjective presentation. The walls in your home convey a message & they do so by starring back at you.  Fill your home with Visual fragrance & Zen your walls with beautiful color. These pieces of art work are designed to remain fresh for years.

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SH 7883 ABC
3pcs set . running free.
SH 7985 ABC
3pcs art set. clinbing for galory.
SH 7947
3pcs art set. Top of the World.
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